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Norfolk life in 365 paintings


09 January 2009

Norfolk artist Garry Raymond Pereira's year-long project to capture a visual diary of the county by doing a painting a day are set to go on show in London.

“You Had To Read My Diary” started on the January 1, 2008 with Pereira producing the first painting of the project, and concluded on December 31 with him doing the final picture.

Now all 365 paintings, which each measure 20x20cm, will be exhibited together in March by the Red Gallery as part of the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park.

The paintings range in subject matter from seascape and landscape to architectural imagery and figure painting. The subject matter is informed often by location painting, which tends to be slightly raw in its execution.

All are studies of the North Norfolk coast where Pereira spends much of his time capturing images of the sea. The panels include preparatory sketches or workings for studio based paintings, architectural images of piers, coastal buildings, and figure paintings.

Each is titled according to the date it was created.

“The concept is turning a diary into a visual journal; methodically keeping the pace and aiming to produce the panels at the same time each day,” said Perrira. “The subtle changes of execution will be paralleled to that notable within a diary; the change of writing style reflecting the mood of the author, will similarly be apparent. The overall project and panels form a unity, not necessarily by its subject matter, but moreover by its uniformed size.”

The artist first came to the art buying public's attention with his fine oil paintings of waves and sand dunes along the Norfolk coast. Whether one of his small, directly rendered location studies or larger studio canvases, all Pereira's paintings start with him making studies in oil outside, on location.

He resists the temptation to work from photographs because he feels a photograph is never true to what he has seen and doesn't capture the colours accurately, creating a series of oil studies, which he takes back to his studio and often works into larger canvases.

Micky Middleton, Red gallery founder, said: “His paintings are incredibly life like in their execution, Garry express's a captivation of a coastline that he has fallen in love with. Whether it is a vast beach with crashing waves or undulating sand dunes, he encapsulates an understanding of the rugged yet outstanding natural beauty of the Norfolk seascape”

“You Had to Read My Diary” will be exhibited at The Affordable Art fair, Battersea Park, London on the Red Gallery stand K10 from March 11-15. Each panel is priced at £250 each.

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